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When is my newest work coming out

2010-02-13 11:26:58 by Sareth-Waldrouk

I'm gladly to announce that I'm working on Waldrouk episode 4 movie quite some time now and hopefully will be uploaded on newgrounds. But I don't think ill be uploading any of the previous episodes on newgrounds D;
I will though leave a link in the movie to find any of the other episodes. =)

I'll say its about hmm >.>... 22% done. Yeah I know still a long time before you'll see something from me, but no worries. I'll make it worth it ;D


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2010-02-24 12:53:05

awesome cant wait


2010-03-14 13:45:41

cant wait also and i feel like i wanna see wat happens after the big fire thing the guy did so CANT WAIT! =D


2010-05-18 09:01:08

I had sent you a PM regarding your question of voice acting. I have not received a reply. If you are still interested please, reply and we can discuss how best to go about it.


2013-04-30 21:46:35

Can u make moar movies?


2013-04-30 21:46:52

Project Retribution was guuuuuddd...